DMB Live

Caught the Dave Matthews Band for the second time this year, last Friday. These guys are incredible. As noted in my previous review of this band, they’re really virtuosos. They play a kind of stripped down, rhythmically complex form of pop/jazz fusion. The drummer and bass player are totally locked in, with Matthews playing those complex lines and rhythms over top, while he sings. Really something to watch. One of the few bands I would follow around, because I like the audience and I think every show would be different. They also exude an organic energy that’s not showy but very intense and makes them tremendous fun to watch.
Two highlights from this show: the bass player launching into a solo version of O Canada - and the crowd singing along; a blistering version of Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower that I only wish could have been part of Dylan’s own show a month or so ago.
Concerts are expensive, but bands like DMB and Springsteen give you your money’s worth, not just in time but in expressive, dynamic playing and great showmanship.